March 2020: Meet the Millennials

March 2020: Meet the Millennials

It’s easy to dismiss millennials as the generation that’s given us avocado toast and bottled kombucha. But that’s selling them short. In fact, New Jersey needs to rethink its millennials.

Yes, they are leaving the state, but significant numbers choose to stay. Some we interviewed for this issue appreciate the commuter access to neighboring cities. Others enjoy the proximity to our parks and beaches. Some are happy to be near their families. Others, facing financial pressures, are compelled to move back in with their families.

When millennials stay, New Jersey is transformed. The places they choose to settle in can reap great benefits. Suburban downtowns are rejuvenated to accommodate millennial tastes. Rental units abound. New businesses blossom. Matcha lattes flow.

So let’s appreciate millennials for the often surprising ways they are breathing new life into New Jersey, as revealed in this month’s issue.


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