September 2023: Small Towns

September 2023: Small Towns

There are 564 municipalities in New Jersey. That includes our largest cities (Newark and Jersey City), a long list of medium-sized towns, cities and boroughs, and dozens of small towns. How, you may ask, did the editors at New Jersey Monthly narrow down our list of “12 Small Towns to Visit Now” to just a dozen?

It was tough, but we considered a variety of factors. First, all of the towns are the kinds of places you just don’t want to leave. They have small-town beauty and charm, and interesting people running their businesses; unique places to shop; culture in the form of theaters, movie houses or galleries; and plenty of terrific restaurants (this is New Jersey, after all).

Our list of towns should satisfy both day-trippers and New Jerseyans looking for a weekend getaway. They are places where activities and fun are to be had. We provide hotel recommendations for each town, too, so that you know where to stay.

Happy exploring!

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