April 2021: Outdoor Adventures

April 2021: Outdoor Adventures

Redesigning a magazine is sometimes compared to repairing an airplane in flight. True, a redesign is hardly death-defying, but it is a nerve racking challenge that requires a team to think up new ways of solving design challenges while meeting regular monthly deadlines.

This month’s redesign—our first since April 2016—stems from a desire to give the print magazine a more contemporary, lively look. The goal is to create a pleasant experience for readers bombarded by the current onslaught of visual and written information. That’s the charge we gave to creative director Laura Baer, who helmed the project, and associate art director Andy Ogilvie, who aided in the implementation.

We hope you’ll agree that the team stuck the landing. Let us know what you think at redesign@njmonthly.com.

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